There are an abundance of things to do in Richmond, Virginia. For those who travel to this city, enjoy historic places, chic shopping, superb restaurants, and a pulsating nightlife.

Because of Richmond’s rich and long history, there are a profuse amount of historic places to experience, such as the Virginia State Capitol that Thomas Jefferson helped to design.

One historic district in Richmond is the Church Hill District on the east end of Richmond. City Hill is home to St. John’s Episcopal Church where Patrick Henry gave his famous revolutionary speech. To this day, the church has continued to be well-preserved. Also in Church Hill is an extensive display of beautiful 19th century architectural period homes.

Another historic district is the River District. It is possible to enjoy the River District by taking a River District Canal Cruise or just by strolling along the Canal Walk. The center of the River District is a hub of shopping, restaurants, and nightlife activities.

Carytown offers a great variety of shopping experiences. Carytown is located in midtown and is full of trendy boutiques and specialty stores. Shopping for antiques is one of the reasons many shoppers travel to Carytown. In addition, Carytown also offers fabulous restaurants to relax in and enjoy fine cuisine.

Immediately south of the James River is South Richmond. South Richmond contains historic districts and opportunities to enjoy fine restaurants and many other recreational activities. Recreational activities include Forest Hill Park, Civil War sites and exploring the old wharf and harbor of South Richmond.

Things to do in Richmond, Virginia carries on from the daytime activities to Richmond’s vibrant nightlife. Richmond boasts many performing arts productions, such as ballet, music concerts, and theater productions. There is also a club and funky music scene that appeal to younger nightlife enthusiasts.

Travelers to Richmond will enjoy the attractions of Richmond, which offers such a lovely blend of the old and the new. Visit the Virginia Museum of Arts, the Museum of the Confederacy, Monument Avenue, Agecroft Hall and MaymontPark with its serene and lovely Japanese and Italian gardens, invigorating nature trails, and petting zoo!