Whether your travel plans are geared towards business or pleasure, you would want to spend your visit among the best places to stay in Richmond, Virginia. The fine, upscale accommodations offered at Richmond's most luxurious hotels allow for not only a comfortable stay, but one that you'll never forget. You can expect 5-star amenities and the best in customer service of which hotels in downtown Richmond are known.

Best Places to Stay in the River District
A common recommendation for the best places to stay in Richmond, Virginia is the River District hotels. These hotels in Richmond offer the best in luxury accommodations. The Commonwealth Park Suites Hotel can be found in downtown Richmond at Capitol Square. It boasts as one of the few hotels in Richmond that is situated near the most frequented Virginia attractions. The Crowne Plaza is considered one of the best River District hotels for holding conventions, meetings and informal gatherings. They offer amenities to enhance your stay with quiet zones, sleep amenities and guaranteed wake-up calls.

Best Place to Stay in Church Hill
Another area considered among the best places to stay in Richmond, Virginia is Church Hill. The Jefferson Hotel has been the grandest of hotels in Richmond and the finest in America since 1895. It is popular for genuine service with the most luxurious rooms and elegant decor in the Church Hill area.

Best Places to Stay in Carytown
If you prefer a more intimate setting, book your stay at the William Miller House Gourmet Bed and Breakfast. The William Miller House is an urban bed and breakfast just minutes from downtown Richmond and attracts both vacationers and business travelers to the Carytown area. Carytown also offers the Museum District Bed and Breakfast in the heart of many historical landmarks. Also enjoy high-end restaurants, museums, and live music venues.

The Legend Brewery Company enhances Richmond's nightlife with a place for beer-lovers. They serve the best homemade brews along with tasty appetizers. Another nightlife venue is the Tobacco Company Restaurant. Dance to music from a DJ offered Wednesday through Saturday.

Let's not forget the food of Buckhead, a Paterson Avenue eatery famous for Continental food where the steaks are cooked to perfection. Liberty Vance can serve up a dish piled high with your favorite down-home picks. There you can indulge in hearty meat and potatoes meals. Between the luxurious accommodations and well-appointed meals at fine restaurants, Richmond, VA offers the best of both worlds.