Located in eastern Virginia, Richmond offers visitors many fun things to do in the summertime. These activities include fishing near the James River, hiking along trails located inside Belle Isle and many other activities that the whole family will enjoy.

To see why this is the case, here is a brief guide that describes these and other summer activities in Richmond Virginia.

--Visitors can enjoy fishing along the James River and Belle Isle all summer long.
Visitors to the Richmond area can enjoy trawling for blue catfish, small bass and other native fishes all summer long by booking a trip led by one of Richmond's several fishing boats that do business around the James River and Belle Isle. They offer half-day and full-day trips that are sure to please the entire family. Moreover, their competitively priced trip packages make them a fantastic value for visitors who enjoy fishing.

--Visitors can also enjoy exploring the area's hiking trails and participating in fun outdoor activities while they visit Belle Isle and Brown's Island.
The area between Belle Isle and Brown's Island offers visitors many fun things to do in the summertime. For example, visitors can enjoy long hikes and rock climbing excursions along the parks located inside Belle Isle. Visitors who enjoy other outdoor activities such as bird watching will also enjoy visiting Belle Isle.

Moreover, visitors can also have a fun time exploring Brown's Island. This small inlet located near downtown Richmond features a large park that is perfect for picnics, barbecues and other outdoor activities. It also features a public performance space that is used in the summertime to host many concerts and street fairs.

As you might have noticed, there are many fun summer activities in Richmond, Virginia that provide fun for the whole family. Have fun exploring them on your next visit to Richmond!