Known for its historical importance, the city of Richmond, Virginia is home to many fun and free things to do. From visiting the historic Richmond National Battlefield Park to exploring the popular Monument Avenue, there are many great things to do in Richmond that won't break the bank.

Visit the Richmond National Battlefield Park. Few Richmond  attractions are as historically rich as the Richmond National Battlefield Park. This particular attraction in Richmond features the Chimborazo Medical Museum, the Chickahominy Bluff, Beaver Dam Creek, Gaines' Mill, the Garthright House, Drewry's Bluff, Parker's Battery and multiple battlefields or areas to explore. Be aware that a small parking fee is required if you plan on parking inside the park. If you can't afford to pay for parking, don't worry, free parking is available outside of the park.

Tour the Hollywood Cemetery. Located in downtown Richmond, the Hollywood Cemetery contains the graves of many popular historical figures including Presidents Monroe, Davis and Tyler. The first casualty of the Civil War is also buried at the Hollywood Cemetery.

Or, explore Monument Avenue. Monument Avenue is another recreation hotspot in Richmond. Lined with gorgeous trees, Monument Avenue is a beautiful boulevard to just walk down. Monument Avenue is, in fact, the only street in the entire history of the United States to be labeled as a National Historic Landmark. Multiple statues of Confederate leaders and other inspirational figures are popular attractions along Monument Avenue.

Few Richmond activities are more fun or entertaining than exploring the beautiful and historical Monument Avenue on foot.

As you can tell there are many free things to do in Richmond, Virginia. Before you visit any of these exciting destinations in Richmond, first take the time to plan your trip so that everything goes smoothly.  Happy travels!