Virginia is a beautiful state. Residents of Virginia have quite a bit of different options for education. Often, the first choice a parent make when deciding on schools to send their child is private school or public school.

Whether the parent is looking at grade schools, middle schools, or high schools, private  schools offer several advantages over private schools. Students who have the opportunity to go to one of the Montessori schools get to experience a more individualized educational experience. The Central Montessori School near the River District is a quality, high-ranked elementary school in this category.
Students who are in private high schools also get the chance to experience a lower drop-out rate. Private middle schools and private grade schools also have advantages over public schools. Students of these schools are held to higher standards when taking state exams. Often, these schools have higher rankings on state exams than students in public schools. Parents looking for Private schools in Richmond, Virginia will find that they have several different options available to them.  Saint Christopher's and St. Katherine's are both high ranking middle/high schools in the Carytown neighborhood of Richmond.
Whether they are looking at grade schools, middle schools, or high schools, parents will have to find a way to narrow down their choices. The first way may be to look at the test rankings. The second way may be to talk to other parents who have recently looked for private schools in Richmond, Virginia.
Other parents can be a valuable tool in researching private schools in the area. Another thing to consider is the cost of the private school education. The cost of schools can vary vastly depending on what school is chosen. On the other hand, parents should not rule out a private school completely because of the cost of the tuition. There are several schools that offer financial aid to families who show a need for it.
Also, there may be academic scholarships available to a future student who has performed highly in public schools. Whether starting out of the first time in grade school or finishing up their education in a high school, private school can be a great advantage to a student of any age.