The list of the largest employers in Richmond, Virginia is quite varied, but with health care and banking businesses seemingly dominating the list.

The largest employer in Richmond is the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, with 7,244 employees. HCA. Inc., (health care) with 6,679 employees, and Bon Secours Richmond Health System, with 5,626 employees, are all in the top five on the list of the largest employers in Richmond, Virginia. Southside Regional Medical Center, with 1,250 employees is number twenty on the list of largest employers in Richmond.

Banking is the other business that provides the most jobs in Richmond. Sun Trust Banks (3,815 employees), Bank of America Corp. (2,900 employees) and Wells Fargo and Co. (2,858 employees) are also on the list of the best places to work in Richmond. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond (1,866 employees) and B B & T Corp., with 1,034 employees also place high on the list.

Capital One Financial Corp., the credit card company, with 6,828 employees, is the second largest of employers in Richmond.

Other top businesses in Richmond are grocery stores, department stores and home improvement stores. Ukrop's Super Markets Inc. (incl. HQ), with 3,331 employees, is one of the businesses that provide the most jobs in Richmond. Food Lion, the grocery chain, has 2,729 employees, and the Kroger Company, employing 1,737 people are also major employers in the area.

Target Corp., a very popular department store chain, has 864 employees and J.C. Penney Co., another popular department store chain employs 844.

Lowe's and Home Depot, both very well known home improvement stores, are on the list of best jobs in Richmond. Lowe's provides jobs to 1.007 people, and Home Depot employs 1,000.

Other well known companies that provide jobs in the Richmond area, including Downtown Richmond, are WellPoint, Inc. Health Insurance (3,050 employees), Verizon Virginia Inc. Telecommunications (2,789 employees), DuPont Chemicals (2,679 employees) United Parcel Service (2,318 employees) and Honeywell International Polymers, with 1,249 employees. Pfizer Pharmaceutical, with 991 employees, CarMax, the auto sales people (987 employees), Comcast Cable Television ( 786 employees), Kraft Foods (551 employees), and Walgreen's Pharmacy (521 employees), all familiar businesses, make a showing on the list of the best places to work in Richmond.

The Richmond area, including Downtown Richmond is certainly a productive area, home to many companies that provide many jobs.