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Shockoe Bottom is the center of Richmond's nightlife for people who love to be in a crowd or on a busy dance floor. With well over a dozen hopping bars and clubs to choose from, there is always something going on in the Bottom. Beyond the club and bar scene, Shockoe Bottom has some very interesting historical landmarks and buildings, including the old brown stone train station, the Edgar Allen Poe museum and the first Jewish cemetery of Richmond. On the weekends, the Farmers Market in Shockoe Bottom is a great place to start your day with fresh produce, breads and various booths featuring the works of local artisans. Be aware that the night scene in Shockoe Bottom is definitely not for everyone. Although just about everyone is only out to have a good time, there are a large number of college students who are just out for binge drinking. Because of the frequency of things getting out of hand, the district is frequently swarming with police officers trying to keep things under control. Shockoe Bottom is definitely a great place to go for wild night on the town, but the Fan district and the downtown venues are better neighborhoods if you are interested in sharing the company of a more interesting and cultural class of people.